Iraq soldier
© Reuters/Rodi Said
On Sunday, media reported that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) entered the Raqqa city limits.

"Near Ar Raqqah, 18 strikes engaged seven ISIS [Daesh] tactical units; destroyed 10 fighting positions, six barges, three ISIS headquarters, a tactical vehicle, an IED factory, and a weapons factory; and damaged a supply route," the release said on Monday.

One additional coalition strike on Sunday near Abu Kamal destroyed two oil well heads, two tanker trucks and a pump jack.

In Iraq, the coalition conducted six strikes consisting of 65 engagements near Mosul. The strikes destroyed 17 fighting positions, six machine guns, three rocket-propelled grenade systems, a VBIED factory, artillery system and a roadblock.

The Mosul strikes also damaged supply routes, suppressed mortar teams, tactical units and an anti-air artillery team, and engaged four tactical units and four sniper teams.