Jared Polis

Jared Polis
Democrat representatives plan to troll President Trump at his speech before Congress.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Jared Polis, a Democrat Colorado Congressman on why he has chosen to bring a "dreamer" under Obama's DACA laws to President Donald Trump's upcoming speech to Congress.

Democrat party lawmakers like Polis want to make a point by inviting immigrants in protest of Trump's immigration executive order.

What was revealed during the interview with Carlson, was nothing new about the liberal left's endless whining about Trump, but the truth as to why elite globalists (and their puppet congressmen) are so pro-open borders.

Tucker challenged the congressman midway through the segment...
"We have a surplus of Americans that have no jobs. That is why we are bringing in low skilled labors, because no one will do it? Is that your argument today?"
Congressman Polis replied with what would be a stunning admission...
"We need the skills and talents of immigrants to make our country great."

"Are you going to go to those fields and pick those crops."

"We need people to support our quality of life and to support our economy. And the immigrants are an important part of that."
Check mate Tucker Carlson with this obvious comeback...
"We need a serf class. So when did democrats, liberal democrats find themselves on the side of employers hoping for more low wage labor to exploit. I thought Democrats were supposed to be protecting those people."