Dog attack
Bernie Hynson says he won't ever forget his 100th career victory.

The Woodrow Wilson High School girls' basketball coach reached that milestone on Saturday when his team beat Delran 43-35 in a consolation game of the South Jersey Invitational Basketball Tournament.

Woodrow Wilson scored the victory even though two players, including a starter, were sent to the hospital after being bitten by a dog that entered the team bus as the Tigers were preparing to travel to Eastern High School.

"It was one of those freak things that could never happen in a million years," Hynson said. "But it happened to us."

Hynson said that junior Halima Scott, a starting guard, and sophomore Tayla Alford were attacked by a dog that the coach described as a pit bull.

"One of those real muscular dogs," Hynson said.

Alford was bitten on the lip, leg and foot and Scott was bitten on the leg, Hynson said.

The girls were taken by ambulance to Cooper Hospital, treated and released, the coach said.

"They're doing OK, " Hynson said after speaking with the girls on Saturday afternoon.

Hynson said incident occured as the bus was warming up around 9 a.m. outside the school on Federal Street in East Camden.

"I get on the bus and this dog comes right behind me," Hynson said. "I'm looking for whose dog it is. Next thing I know, the bus is going hysterical."

Woodrow Wilson athletic director Will Hickson said he was told the scene was one of "chaos and panic" as players scrambled to avoid the dog and exit the bus.

"Unbelievable," Hickson said.

Hynson said after all the players ran off the bus that the doors were shut and the dog was trapped inside until police officers arrived.

The team drove to the game in cars.

"When we left, cops still were waiting for animal control to come and get the dog," Hynson said.

Somehow, the Tigers found a way to beat a Delran team that entered the game with a 13-5 record.

Senior Tierah Bush scored 15 with 19 rebounds and sophomore Ciondae Horsey added 14 points as Woodrow Wilson improved to 13-8 and earned Hynson his 100th victory in his seventh season.

"I had to call a timeout early because they were still shaken up," Hynson said. "They were crying, it was a mess. But once we got into the game, they were OK.

"I said, 'Look, we're here now, it's over, let's play.'

"I was so proud of them that they still went and played and won the game."