Invisible man
© Flickr/ Bill Smith
Russian scientists have developed a unique membrane that will keep out tiny harmful particles, including viruses, and will also make people invisible, Future Research Fund's general director Andrei Grigoryev told Sputnik.

"The obtained filter material by far exceeds all existing analogues in its ability to stop the most dangerous aerosol particles such as viruses, toxins, allergens. This technology could usher in a wide variety of protective materials for medical, military and other purposes," Grigoryev explained.

The Russian invention can also be used to obtain super lightweight and efficient elements of a soldier's outfit to make them almost invisible.

"We are already working closely with potential users, including military, and also with the producers of outfits for Polar regions, active leisure and extreme sports. We expect to complete field trials of our material before August 2017," Grigoryev said.

The Future Research Fund is an advanced military research agency. Founded in 2012, the FRF is tasked with informing the country's leadership on projects that can ensure Russian superiority in defense technology.

It will also analyze the risks of any Russian technological shortcomings and technological dependence on other powers.

In late 2015 a robotics center was established as part of the FRF.

The Future Research Fund is currently working on more than fifty projects at Russia's leading universities, research institutes and defense enterprises.