Michael Weiss
The Daily Beast's Michael Weiss
Vladimir Putin has armies of admirers, and armies of detractors too. Predictably, every time one of his detractors slips on a banana peeling, the Daily Beast fake news evangelists foam at the mouth at another chance at fetching the propaganda stick for their handlers. In an age of nakedly aggressive media, I see no need to call the "Beast's" idiocy by any other name. This time another Putin hating, ousted oligarch loving dissident names Vladimir Kara-Murza is supposedly Putin's target.

Michael Weiss, a Daily Beast editor and lap dog for Putin hating Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky is yapping and wagging his tail again from the latest morsel he's pooped onto the media landscape. "Has Putin Poisoned Another Opponent?" - it's another monotonous foray into utter nonsense for the moronic Beast reader to smell. Sorry, this guy is just that aggravating and just that transparent. I honest to God hope he tries to punch me in the nose if we ever meet. This is how badly he and others have soiled journalism the last few years. The fact Vladimir Kara-Murza is a coordinator for Khodorkovsky's nongovernmental organization, Open Russia, which Weiss also evangelizes for, is reason enough for Putin to be the arch villain again. Oh boy.

For those of your detecting a familiar stench, it should not surprise you that Senior democratic U.S. lawmakers just expressed their support for the activist (and by association his Russian mob boss), should come as no surprise. Having urged the new administration of President Donald Trump to smell this "doo doo" too, the message is as obvious as a sticky-smelly-brown-gob on the bottom of your shoe. Weiss even evokes a magical tweet from loser Hillary Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine.

The true colors of Mr. Trump's and Mr. Putin's opposition has now become crystal clear, or should I say dog poop evident? The Clinton's shutting down the Clinton Global Initiative was not publicized by the Daily Beast, even though it signaled the gravy train (dog food pun intended) for Bill and Hillary had ended. No, Weiss and the Daily Beast did not make as big deal out of Senator John McCain passing a fake dossier on Donald Trump to the FBI. No, the Daily Beast, CNN, and the other wicked media children out there keep on keeping on, for nobody responsible has slapped them down. The world of decent human beings is sick and tired of "Putin probably" did this or that, and they grow even sicker of things being "Trump's fault", when he only just now took office. I won't get into Kaine's backers and left wing cabal connections, it's enough for most he was picked by Hillary for a running mate. Let me just cut to the chase. The Daily Beast is on the side, owned by, runs with the globalists who have the world in the mess it is currently mired in.

Look at Weiss' headlines: "Tulsi Gabbard's Fascist Escorts to Syria"; "AD FOR HIMSELF Donald Trump Celebrates Himself, Proclaims His Inaugural Day a National One of 'Patriotic Devotion"; "U.S. Spies Warn Trump and GOP: Russia Could Get You Next"; 2Russia's Long History With Honey Traps—They Didn't Start With Donald Trump" - and the list goes on and on and on and on without a whiff of proof and only the telltale smell of a killer's propaganda pully to show (Mikhail Khodorkovsky allegedly ordered enemies murdered as Yukos Oil king).

A disciple of the self-proclaimed socialist, Marxist and an anti-totalitarian journalistic zealot Christopher Hitchens, Weiss envisions himself as some sort of British intellectual from the radical left. But Weiss is nothing more than an opportunist like Hitchens was, an unscrupulous man who targets political celebrity and easy targets to get his fame and his paycheck. His benefactor the Kremlin's leading critic-in-exile Khodorkovsky was described by Britain's Lord John Browne as basically "spooky-scary". As for Weiss, James Carden profiled him perfectly with:
"Given his past association with the Henry Jackson Society, in his work as an errand-boy for Christopher Hitchens and the Khodorkovsky family, and as a high profile editor/contributor at the Daily Beast and CNN, Weiss has established himself as the leading neocon propagandist of his generation."
The Daily Beast, CNN, Newsweek, most people don't understand fully just how dangerous these media portals and the psychopaths representing them are. An article by Richard Silverstein with the lead; "How Daily Beast Editor, Michael Weiss Helped Send Iranian-American to Torture Chambers of Evin Prison" portrays Weiss and his rabies stricken pack are like. A final point of focus here is best illustrated in Weiss' condemnation of the brave Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's trip to Syria recently, attempting to besmirch her by virtue of her guides in Syria. Weiss barks like an investigative journalist, in order to discredit Gabbard. This is in stark contrast to Weiss' 2013 doggy style co-authoring of a The Atlantic piece with Elizabeth O'Bagy that advocated regime change in Syria. What Weiss never told anybody was that O'Bagy was a paid consultant for an NGO working to provide military weapons to the Syrian rebels and overthrow Assad, the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF).

Finally, the Silverstein story suggesting that Radio Free Liberty now sponsors Khodorkovsky's online magazine The Interpreter is only slightly surprising. Weiss is the typist behind that anti-Putin pro-globalist rag, but what is surprising at the moment is that President Trump has not withdrawn funding for the Cold War dinosaur Refl.org. Maybe he will read this story after I Tweet him? Of passionate idealists, I know many including myself. But the gulf the separates well intentioned and opinionated journalists and these stray curs getting people killed is wide indeed. I think it's time for a media dog catcher to round them up, or at least hand out a pooper-scooper to the public.