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A team of British and Czech scientists have developed a laser costing €44 million that they say is 10 times more powerful than any other on the planet and has the potential to revolutionize engineering in aeronautics, power and automotive industries.

The 20-ton so-called "Super Laser" has an average power output of 1,000 watts, in what is seen as a benchmark in sustained high energy pulses - far greater than the world's other high-power beams in Osaka and Texas.

Super Laser
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Super Laser
"It is a world record, which is important," John Collier, director of the Central Laser Facility, told AFP.

"It is good for putting things on the map, but the more important point is that the underlying technology that has been developed here is going to transform the application of these high power, high energy lasers."

The super-laser will have the ability to harden metal surfaces, processing semiconductors and micro-machining material.