It hits twice in the same spot
It hits twice in the same spot
A man had an incredibly lucky escape when he was metres away from a lightning bolt - that struck twice in the same place.

Delivery driver Fahrol Razi, 30, sitting in his van in the Sim Lim Tower car park in Singapore, had already witnessed one bolt of lightning strike nearby.

He got out his phone to video the scene when another bolt struck in almost exactly the same place.

The clip shows a frightening orange blaze of light and a large chunk of a tree being blasted off the trunk and into the car park, with splinters of wood sprayed widely.

Mr Razi later said that although he had heard lightning never strikes the same place twice, he was glad he had played it safe by staying in his vehicle after it struck the car park.

A man in the clip is seen sauntering past twirling an umbrella, which many people think increases the risk of being struck by lightning.

But meteorologists say the man was doing nothing dangerous, as a thunderstorm's position in the sky alone determines where lightning bolts will hit.

They were once thought to always hit the tallest object in a given area but more observation has shown that lightning often strikes the ground next to tall buildings or other structures.