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Only 29% say they absolutely believe the claim that Russia 'hacked the election'

Despite a months-long propaganda campaign by the mainstream media to convince Americans that Russia is an enemy of the Unites States and responsible for "hacking the election" (whatever that's supposed to me) to defeat Hillary Clinton, a huge majority of 71% either aren't convinced or totally disbelieve the allegation. That's according to a new poll by Morning Consult:

russia hacking poll americans

Not only that, but confidence in mass media and political establishment is plummeting, with half of respondents saying they no longer trust them. A significant minority of people have lost faith in US intel agencies:

poll american trust intel info
These results come as little surprise, considering decades of total fabrications and deception by these institutions on foreign affairs issues. It appears Americans still remember the lies about Saddam's WMDs - and everything in between. And now, with this latest onslaught of falsehood, the establishment is simply digging it's own grave.