daddy kill russians
Much is said about the violation of the Constitution and human rights, frankly Goebbels propaganda deployed today in Ukraine. And here is one more confirmation.

It is such a printed newspaper that is distributed to children on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, controlled by the government in Kiev.

This little rag is called "Kropivach". Such a low-budget publication with black-and-white images and articles for which parents have to pay with their own money. After reading this trash there is a desire to wash your hands and put the authors up against the wall, editors and distributors of this "highly spiritual" masterpiece of Ukrainian thought.

Now to the point. Each article of this abomination deserves a separate study. But I will briefly tell you about each one.

The first column flaunts a photo of a Ukrainian girl in a wreath and the inscription in Ukrainian: "Daddy, kill Russians!"

And underneath is written the word "attention" in three languages. English, German (how can the "non-fascists" omit it?) and Ukrainian. Further is some description of what will be discussed.

For those who don't know Ukrainian I translate it: "Newspaper Kropivach does not promote enmity between nations, violence, sex and drugs. And also does not call for overthrowing the existing state system in our chocolate Reich."

This is an impressive start.

The next two columns are PATRIOTICALLY dedicated to methods of emigration from Ukraine to Poland. Everything is laid out on the shelves. How to receive a working visa, how to enter illegally and how to get the card of a Polish citizen. With the caveat that for "conscious" Ukrainian it is unacceptable, because - and I quote: "there is a need to swear allegiance to Poland, which actually is a betrayal of Ukraine and its interests in the geopolitical arena."

It is like that, "patriotism" for children, to teach them how to get into Poland to wash the toilets...

Next masterpiece - a discussion about the Chinese smartphone. There everything was mixed together. To be more precise - Ukrainians with the Chinese, tariffs, trousers over forty hryvnia for grandson from grandma, and eDeclarations. But the main idea can be traced. There is no need to control officials. "Why?" - you will ask. The author answers that real honest rulers do not need a control system, they will work honestly without stealing...

In this little rag there are arguments on historical themes, where the excursion into the past is expressed by the comfortable-for-"patriots" vision of the events of the last century, and times of the great Patriotic war. They write about three Ukrainian-Russian wars, about Ukrainian Central Rada (UCR). All this nonsense is seated in the fragile minds of children and young people.

But the worst part is that here, published in Russian, is a policy document titled: "What is Russophobia?". It is here that an ideological basis is built for the justification of hatred and anger, which is being implanted today in Ukraine.

A few quotes - and you'll understand everything.
"Russian identity can only be viewed in the form of severe mental pathology."

"The Russian Federation as a unified state exists despite historical and social trends."

"Russia to this day remains a prison of nations." etc...
In this article the main idea is that RUSSIA is NOT NEEDED, dehumanisation of everything Russian, starting with the opposition (although I wouldn't call all those like Navalny, Makarevich nor Akhedzhakova Russians) and ending with all 142 million Russians, including young children.

The image of the enemy is found and dehumanized - so it's allowed to kill it without feeling remorse. And this, for pro-Ukrainian ideologues, is an ordinary thing...

And I don't consider my aim of writing a review of "Kropivach" as inciting hatred, but as delivering to people the truth about what is happening in Ukraine, who today is in power there, and what the consequences are that it might bring.

If the generation of young Ukrainians will be educated by such Kropivachs, the war between the two brotherly peoples cannot be avoided. And it already will not be mythical, but as real as it gets.

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