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Researchers discover connections to the Odenwald School ('Odenwaldschule')

berlin pedophile scandal
House of Horrors: Odenwaldschule outside Berlin
The Berlin Senate financed a project in which street children were taken care of by pedophiles. Researchers working on the case have criticized the authorities for their lack of clarification.

Employees of the Berlin Senate Administration knew that men who were employed as foster fathers in the 1970s were condemned pedophiles. This is evidenced by a study by the Göttingen-based scientist who investigated the involvement of the Senate with the pedophiles. This is what Spiegel reports in its current issue.

Helmut Kentler, a researcher who was employed at the Pedagogical Center in Berlin, had convinced the employees of the Senate for Youth to place the teenagers in the custody of pedophiles.

In return, these men expected sexual acts. According to the study, the adolescents were between 13 and 17 years old. The researchers also found a link to the Odenwald School: the Berlin Senate sent boys to the boarding school, where many young people were abused.

The Senate is now asked to investigate whether the boys sent there, have been victims of sexual abuse.

The researchers are disappointed by the information provided by the Berlin authorities: "We would have wanted more commitment in their clarification," said Teresa Nentwig to Spiegel, the director of the study.

The documents on Kentler's project were made available only upon request. Many of the files in the National Archives are not yet opened. A request for shortening the period of protection of an important file was rejected.


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