The pit bulls will be destroyed by a vet in accordance with local laws
The pit bulls will be destroyed by a vet in accordance with local laws
This is the shocking moment neighbours were forced to use chairs to fend off two brutal pit bulls after they tore their owner's face apart.

The clip - which lasts just under 30 seconds - shows a large pool of blood on the floor as neighbours and friends use chairs and a bicycle to corner the dogs so he can be safely rescued.

The victim, 28, had his face completely mauled during the horrific attack at his house in the neighbourhood of Uribe, Colombia.

The attack took place around midday when Frederman Edicson Duque was at home and slipped on the wet floor.

As soon as the young man was on the floor he was instantly pounced on by the two vicious pit bulls.

Horrified neighbours were alerted after hearing Frederman's disturbing screams, but before they could come to his aid the dogs had completely mutilated the man's head - tearing away huge chunks of flesh and rendering him unrecognisable.

Colonel Mauricio Garcia with the local police said that Frederman had been unwell and had been suffering from thyroid problems, which may have led to him being unable to defend himself effectively from the barbaric creatures.

Pit bull bloodies owner in violent clip

Pit bull bloodies owner in violent clip
Police said that the victim was still alive after the dogs were cornered off, they explained: "He was taken to the hospital but his injuries were far too severe and he died despite the best efforts of medics."

The dogs were apprehended by local authorities and are currently confined, awaiting a vet who will put them down, in accordance with local laws that all dangerous animals have to be destroyed.