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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention apparently have a lot of dried and smelly scientific egg yolk to scrape off their agency's face but, more so, from its credibility rating as a First World Health Agency!

The CDC dropped the ball more than big time when it did not advise health agencies around the globe that most of the vaccines produced in the USA have glyphosate in them—think Roundup, the supposedly 'safe' herbicide that Monsanto makes and sells globally.

What huge health problems the CDC and ALL public health agencies—federal, state and local—have created for every person on the face of the earth by mandating vaccines for newborns, infants, toddlers, teens, adults and senior citizens, and which other gullible countries' health agencies mechanically follow as correct!

However, in view of the global HPV vaccine adverse health catastrophes, many countries now are rethinking vaccines and are suing vaccine manufacturers.

If I want to be fair and cut the CDC a slight bit of slack, CDC relies upon what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tells them is 'gospel' scientific truth regarding vaccines that the FDA spouts "hook, line and sinker" as supplied to it by vaccine manufacturers, Big Pharma, accompanied by the generous monetary funding and personnel Big Pharma supplies FDA [2]. Consequently, FDA would consider everything it gets from Big Pharma as factual, so why bother even to investigate if the science ostensibly is correct! That's where both CDC and FDA are legally wrong, in my opinion, and must be held accountable.

CDC and FDA should have been obtaining independent scientists' research and reports for every drug, vaccine, etc. submitted for licensing approval even BEFORE U.S. patent work is generated! Furthermore, independent scientific research documentation from at least two independent scientists/laboratories should be included in the review process and paperwork for each license application the FDA receives, reviews and becomes a permanent document of the approval process.

I don't believe that happens.

Glyphosate is an analog of the small human amino acid glycine, which also is a neurotransmitter!

Basically, glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid. Back in 1998 only 16 million pounds of glyphosate were sold/used, whereas in 2011, 527 million pounds of glyphosate were sold and used, almost 33 times more sprayed onto crops! And Roundup ostensibly was supposed to prevent the use of more herbicides! What a crock!

After numerous years of glyphosate being used like water, making it ubiquitous now, we are finding horrendous facts about what may become a true Frankenstein story repeated millions of times and into perpetuity.

If that may be the case, then it reminds me of another amino acid gone wrong. L-tryptophan was blamed and banned in the USA in 1989 shortly around the time the prescription drug Prozac came on the market. Both L-tryptophan, a natural dietary supplement often used nutritionally to help depression, and Prozac work with serotonin in the brain. From my research back when that all happened, I found there was a GMO manufacturer malfunction problem in Japan that was hidden from the public [3] and not correctly blamed! Was some vested interest protected?

Glycine promotes healthy collagen; bones; immune-digestive-central nervous systems; plus the production of human growth hormones and creatinine to build muscle mass. As an analog of glycine,which means an 'equivalent to', it can interact with animal and human biochemistry to cause protein malfunctions and misfolding that then cause diseases. As an analog, glyphosate can trick human RNA!

One of the independent scientific research chemists, Anthony Samsel, PhD, of Samsel Environmental and Public Health Services (40 years), has been researching glyphosate with respect to its ability to cause diseases like COPD, chronic kidney disease, Lupus and collagen-affecting diseases.

Connective tissue diseases are based in collagen and high amounts of glycine are in collagen, which means that the analog glyphosate apparently is capable of adversely interacting with and affecting connective tissue.

So, how does glyphosate get into the human body? Very simply: from the food we eat, since most food today is grown and/or contaminated with glyphosate due to genetically modified crops and the mandated GMO agriculture methods of heavy-duty Roundup spraying, or the staging of crops using Roundup or glufosinate prior to harvest.

All factory-farmed animals are fed GMO feed: corn, soy and alfalfa, plus growth hormones too. That includes chickens and turkeys too. Unless food animals are raised sustainably, organically or grass fed, consumers must consider animal products to contain glyphosate: beef, chicken, goats, pigs and their meats, milk and milk products—e.g., cheese, ice cream, butter, yogurt, etc., and eggs.

Personally, I question bone broth and do not recommend it, especially when commercial meat bones are used, as the amount of glyphosate in it might to be 'off the wall', in my opinion, since glyphosate concentrates in collagen and bones.

Many food processors use animal-derived gelation from bones, cartilage and skin, in food processing. It contains a rather high concentration of glyphosate from the animals' feed and is considered to accumulate in collagen tissue, which is rendered into gelatin used in pharmaceuticals, vaccines as an excipient, and in Flintstone and Gummy Bear vitamin and mineral supplement pills for kids. So, children are getting an inordinate amount of glyphosate in their very small bodies. It comes from vaccines, kids brand vitamin and mineral supplements, and the food they eat!

One thing everyone needs to know is that glyphosate does not self-detox very easily and it becomes a potent toxin [4]. Gelatin is used in food processing techniques, clarifying juices, wine and beer making [1].

Gelatin, do you know what you are eating, a video.

Glyphosate in Vaccines Research

Early in September 2016, I wrote an article about glyphosate in vaccines, Another Vaccine Bombshell Glyphosate - Think Monsanto's Roundup - Confirmed in Most Vaccines wherein I discussed Dr Anthony Samsel's findings.

October 1st, 2016, Dr Samsel was a guest on the Metro Farm Radio Show and here is the link to that interview "Roundup-Ready Vaccines"

Readers will note that the vaccine found to have high levels of glyphosate is the MMR-II made by Merck and Company. I heartily recommend your listening to Dr Samsel's explanations, which really ought to make healthcare consumers concerned, especially in view of the recent CDC's proposed rulemaking that I've been writing about that will empower the CDC to quarantine individuals and vaccinate them without any recourse at law or ability to refuse treatment!

Dr Samsel says Monsanto's own research found that glyphosate causes cataracts in animals.

However, according to Dr Samsel, brain plaques in Alzheimer's disease are the same type of plaque as cataracts.

We have an extremely serious scientific credibility factor regarding vaccines and their fraudulent science.

Please educate yourself; do your homework; file a comment about the CDC's proposed rulemaking that will mandate your being vaccinated against your will, plus quarantined. Here's where to file your comment

Additionally, here's the link to my vaccine archives at Activist Post, and you also may be interested in my book, Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don't Know About Vaccines available on