The woman, blissfully unaware she is standing between tram tracks, is engrossed in her smartphone as the tram approaches

Horrific footage has emerged of a woman obliviously using her smartphone unaware she is about to be hit and killed by a tram.

The pedestrian, who was standing on tram tracks, suddenly looks up but has no time to react or jump out of the way.

She was rushed to hospital in Moscow but died soon afterwards.

The tram had emerged from under a railway bridge and the female driver appears to see the woman late before trying in vain to stop.

Footage from the cab shows the driver opening the door to get out of the tram to help the woman.

The pedestrian was waiting to cross busy Rusakovskaya Street but was paying more attention to her mobile and seemed to be unaware she was standing in the path of a tram, which runs on tracks.

The name of the victim and the driver have not been made public.

Suddenly she looks up as the tram approaches and is caught in the glare of headlights

Comments to the story on major news outlet questioned the age of the driver, who appears to be in her 60s.

But others blamed the woman for seeking to cross a busy road when the lights were red for pedestians, and then concentrating on her phone rather than the oncoming tram.

Moscow police have launched an investigation.

She has no time to jump out of the way of the tram

The driver, who is in her 60s, desperately tries to slam on the tram's brakes but it is too late