anti-Pokémon Go
Around Metro Vancouver, police have asked the public to be respectful of private property as they play Pokémon Go.

It's not very effective.

There have been numerous reports of angry homeowners in Vancouver telling Pokémon players to get off their lawns.

But the most infamous was a man who posted a notice outside private grassy terrain, which begins with "GET A LIFE AND STAY OUT OF MY YARD."

"This whole Pokémon hunt is by far the stupidest thing I have ever seen," says the note, which was first tweeted by local radio station 102.7 The PEAK, and has since gone viral.

The man then lists other things he has lived through, including Hammer Pants, Crystal Pepsi, "people taking Jean Chretien seriously," and the entire 10-season duration of CSI: Miami.

"There is a bar up the street, and around the corner. Go there, have a beer, and seriously think about your life choices."

The sign has since gone down - but it's not the only example of conflict in Vancouver.

"Get the f*** out of here! All you f*** pokemons (sic), get out of here! Enough! Get the f*** out of the grass. This is private property!" said one male in Coal Harbour as he walked by dozens of people on the lawn and stairs outside his condo entrance yesterday, almost coming to blows with one of them who took offence.

"F*** you and your Pokémon!"

Adam Tohid told Global News the area around Bayshore Tower is popular for players who want to be the very best, because there are four Pokéstops within metres of one another.

(For the uninitiated, a PokéStop is a place in Pokémon Go where people can collect supplies, with which they can capture Pokémon.)

"It's very rare to have stops be very compact in the same area. Here, it's within a few steps. It's one of the best spots."

Tohid said the desire to catch 'em all would mean he would have to continue to travel across the land, searching far and wide, for new Pokémon - even if it meant going on private property.

"Basically, there are some Pokémon you have catch...there's no option sometime," he said.

But the concierge at Bayshore Tower says there is an option.

"It's frustrating for people living in the building. When they come late at night, they make a fair amount of noise, and the suites are right upstairs here...some people are 'live and let live,' but others are getting bothered by it," said the concierge, who says there have been up to 50 people at one time outside the tower.

"I guess the only way to get it under control here is somehow get a hold of the pokey-man (sic) things, and put a complaint through," he said, referring to the process where people can ask the game's developer to remove a PokéStop.

"Because there is a pokey-man (sic) site where supposedly you're able to do that. Get them to move their game, or gym, or stock thing, where they all come to chase the golden grail, or whatever it is."

At least four residents at Bayshore Tower have phoned police in an attempt to clear the area.

But the Vancouver Police Department may not be able to throw the proverbial Master Ball to end this battle.

"I'm not sure that their presence would have criminal intent, or meet the parameters for trespass at night," said VPD Sgt. Randy Fincham.

The game officially launched in Canada Sunday afternoon.