Omar Mateen

(pictures flipped for better readability)
Last night some deadbeat loser killed more than 50 people in a gay club in Orlando, Florida. It is the largest shooting massacre in the U.S. since Wounded Knee. According to his ex-wife the man, one Omar Mateen, used to beat her and was not religious.

Earlier Mateen took pictures of himself and posted those on Myspace. The pics are selfies and mostly not remarkable but in TWO of them he wears shirts with New York Police Department emblems on them.

This tells us what?
  • The guy was a follower of the NYPD?
  • He had pledged allegiance to the NYPD?
  • The NYPD radicalized him and taught him to hate gays?
There is currently a lot of speculation but no evidence that the guy was also a fan of the Islamic State (ISIS) death cult. None of the pictures he posted points into that direction, but it still may be the case.

But what does that really tell us?

Was his emotional relation to ISIS as strong as his emotional relation to the NYPD?

Do such assumed allegiances tell us anything at all?