Turrialba volcano eruption
The Turrialba volcano situated in Costa Rica exploded 31 times in 10 hours on May 1, 2016. Now that's insane! Communities within 5 kilometers of the volcanic peak have been evacuated. Ash is covering everything!

According to reports from OVSICORI, this strong volcanic event occurred from 6:43 am to 4 pm on Sunday, May 1, 2016.

This eruption swarm sent a column of ash 2 kilometers above the crater.

This eruptive phase is the most important in recent months.

Early 2015 the area around Mount Turrialba was closed for more than three months due to another powerful eruptive period (expulsions of ash from the main crater and break of one of the walls).

The wind has spilled ash to the south of the area where the volcano is located.

Turrialba volcano ash cover
A ghostly landscape!

Here a video showing the devastating effect of this series of eruptions on the vegetation:

Hopefully, the area will not be closed for longer!

Volcán Turrialba hizo 31 erupciones en 10 horas
El Turrialba registra hasta 5 erupciones por hora