Plasma discharge
© Screenshot via VK Alexander Ivanov
A UFO flying down to Earth? A fireball disintegrating in the skies? A space rocket flying a satellite onto orbit?

So what's this weird light illuminating the sky on March 13, 2016 at 22:05 from Ukhta, Russia?

I have tried to contact my green friends from Mars but nobody has answered yet.

Although this could be a fireball, the flight is too hell and too slow to be a meteor.

On March 13 2016, at 21:56, a Soyuz-2.1b rocket launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome with the ExoMars Mission to Mars.
The images and video show the separation of the third stage from Ukhta, Russia, just about 10 minutes after start.

By the way, did you see the light pillars on the right side of the video and pictures by Alexander Ivanov?