college students
© AFP Photo / Timothy A. Clary
There's no doubt that the cost of college is one of the biggest issues in America today. Hell, it practically fueled the Occupy movement in 2011, and it has helped propel Bernie Sanders to the national spotlight. You may not agree with either of those movements, but they do reveal how much anger and frustration there is over the cost of tuition.

This is no small matter. We have an entire generation of young adults who followed the rules, and it practically ruined their lives. They were told that going to college was the only way they would amount to anything, so they did what was expected of them. And all they have to show for it is their parent's basement and a mountain of debt that can't be paid off or excused. Financially speaking, we have a lost generation on our hands that is pretty much screwed for life.

Of course, anytime people are in a desperate situation, they often turn to desperate measures to keep their lives on track. And sometimes, those measures include selling their bodies. College students are no different. In fact, it's become increasingly common for students to become 'sugar babies' in an effort to pay down their soul crushing debts.
Nearly 150 students at a Norfolk university are paying for their tuition by becoming Sugar Babies, according to a study by Seeking Arrangement. The website, Seeking Arrangement, is a site where older men and women, known as Sugar Daddies and Mommies, pay to meet attractive young men and women or Sugar Babies.

"There are two reasons why this is so appealing to college students," explained Seeking Arrangement Spokesperson Angela Jacob Bermudo. "Number one is it is a great alternative to financial aid, college loans, taking on minimum wage job while having fun, and the second is among the young people is they are looking for another kind of relationship."

As a Sugar Baby, college students get paid to provide companionship to their Sugar Daddies and Mommies. The company says on average Sugar Babies earn $3,000 a month.
The website makes it sound like these students are just hanging out and entertaining wealthy benefactors, but that's pretty much the same thing that an escort agency will tell you (for legal reasons of course). These students are prostituting themselves to pay for a degree. And if their story is like so many college students that came before them, half of these degrees won't even net them a good job.

So just how many of students are turning to this veiled prostitution to pay down their loans? According to Seeking Arrangement, 4 million people have signed up for their service, and 2 million of them currently have 'sugar daddies.'

Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything inherently wrong with someone using this service. These are just consenting adults doing what they want to do, and Seeking Arrangement is merely helping these people meet. They're just filling a demand in the marketplace. The real problem here, is that our society has created the conditions that force so many young people to make this tough decision.

We keep telling them that college is the only way they'll be successful, when it's simply not true. Our culture is pushing so many kids into fields that don't really have a whole lot of jobs, and the laws that prevent these students from declaring bankruptcy and absolving their debts, has incentivized colleges to raise tuition to absurd levels. And in exchange for that debt, they often get a watered down education and a thorough indoctrination in leftist ideologies and political correctness.

We've created a situation where for millions of students, the only way to afford what is often a pipe dream, is to sell their bodies to horny old rich guys. And when prostitution is the only way for million of people to get ahead, you know that something is fundamentally wrong with society.