Donald Trump
During a morning news program on MSNBC, Trump basically called out Israel for funding ISIS!

During the MSNBC program called "morning Joe", Trump walked right up to the edge of the line, made it clear to everyone he does not support Israel supporting ISIS all the while the program hosts beat around the bush trying to get Trump to say ISIS was only Arab. Trump held his ground extremely well, and made it very clear that the only reason why he did not directly indict Israel (without even mentioning Israel) was that he had a "lot of relationships with people" there. After this program, Trump canceled his trip to Israel which was supposed to happen two days later, obviously (as far as I see it) for the purpose of staying alive.

Comment: More likely because Netanyahu started posing as a man of principle and used Trump's recent comments about Muslims to express some faux indignation so that he could appear to be a just politician. So Netanyahu was critical of Trump and that is what the cancellation is probably about. For all we know about the malignantly narcissistic Trump, the following was retribution...

Trump just might be a good guy, it is really hard to tell because he plays the game so well.

Take a look at the key part of the interview:
Donald: Right now, you have things going on, you have so called people that you think are on our side, they're not reporting it, they're not talking about it, and in some cases they're involved with it. I mean look: I'll give you an example.

Some of our so-called allies that we work with and that we protect militarily, they are sending massive amounts of money to ISIS and to al-Queda and to others.

Joe: So, who are you talking about there?

Donald: You know who it is. What do I have to bring it up for? You know who it is.

Joe: Because you're running for President. Are you talking about the Saudis?

Donald: Joe. Hey Joe. Other countries are giving massive amounts of money. People from other countries are giving massive amounts of money.

Joe: So are you saying the Saudis are doing this?

Donald: Of course they're doing it. Everybody knows that.

Joe: Okay, any other countries?

Donald: There are, but I'm not gonna say it, because I have a lot of relationships with people. But there are. And you know that. And everybody knows that. And nobody says it. Nobody talks about it.

What other candidate will talk like that? This is not some sort of game he is playing for the idiots, who would never understand what he is referencing, these statements are to be understood by people who know what is going on. The average Trump supporter does not know what is going on. In that context, this is quite a big deal indeed. The fact that Trump canceled his trip to Israel after this is the icing on the cake!