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Just days after an asteroid was prophesied to collide with Earth and usher in the end of civilisation, NASA has announced a giant rock that has the potential to end life on the planet will speed past at 64,374km per hour on the weekend.

NASA experts believe Asteroid 86666 (2000 FL10), which could be up to 2.6km wide, will miss Earth when it passes by this weekend at 65.7LD (lunar distance) or a distance of 25,228,800km.

For reference, the distance from earth to the Mars is 54.6 million km.

If an asteroid the size of 86666 was to collide with Earth it would undoubtedly destroy the ozone layer, alter the climate and create tsunamis at least 91 metres high that would decimate coastal communities.

NASA has confirmed the asteroid was first spotted 16 years ago (5925 days), and is similar to the 1862 Apollo asteroid which was classified as a potentially hazardous object