Bangalore Pollution_1
© Debasish Ghosh
The foam rises so high that it flows into the neighbourhoods around the lake.
Is it snowing in India's tropical southern city of Bangalore?

The picture above would certainly make you think so.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different: what looks like snow is actually harmful snow-white froth that floats up from the city's largest lake and spills over into neighbouring areas.

Over the years, the 9,000-acre Bellandur lake in India's technology capital has been polluted by chemicals and sewage.

IT professional Debasish Ghosh has been taking pictures of the lake of "harmful snowy froth" for months now. Here is a selection of his pictures.

Bangalore Pollution_2
© Debasish Ghosh
Mixing with storm water coming out of two outlets into the lake, pollutants form a toxic snowy foam that covers the water and rises so high it flows into the surrounding areas.
Bangalore Pollution_3
© Debasish Ghosh
The situation gets worse during the rains. When the wind blows, it carries the foam in the air.
Bangalore Pollution_4
© Debasish Ghosh
Locals say authorities are not doing enough to clean the lake. They have filed petitions in the court, urging action - the earliest complaints date back to 2000 - but nothing much has happened.
Bangalore Pollution_5
© Debasish Ghosh
Ghosh says the foam emits an "unbearable smell", but local people have to live with it.
Bangalore Pollution_6
© Debasish Ghosh
A traffic gridlock in a foam covered street near the lake.
Bangalore Pollution_7
© Debasish Ghosh
In May, the lake caught fire on two separate days. The flames, say scientists, were caused by industrial effluents in the water, including detergents, oil and grease.
Bangalore Pollution_8
© Debasish Ghosh
The foam usually covers a key road connecting the airport to the border town of Hosur.