The FDA continues to be one of the most dangerous government agencies in the United States. The sheer scope of people it affects with its corruption is staggering. As Jon Rappoport has highlighted, the FDA's own webpage admits that the drugs it certifies as safe contribute to over 100,000 deaths per year.

And as you'll see in the video interview below with constitutional attorney, Jonathan Emord, not only does the FDA routinely approve drugs over objections from its own medical reviewers, but the FDA does zero independent medical testing of its own. It is a system built upon conflicts of interest that leaves consumers completely in the dark about the true consequences of taking Big Pharma products.

As the newly inflamed vaccine debate rages across America, the fundamental role of the FDA in disseminating false information and flat-out covering up widespread health dangers must be examined more fully. Here are two key articles from natural health author, Catherine J. Frompovich, which add to the information presented in the following video: