Zugspitze plastic sheet
© Matthias Schrader/AP
Workers on Germany's highest mountain, Zugspitze, cover the glacier with oversized plastic sheets to keep it from melting during the summer months. Scientist have said geoengineering must be researched to find a possible solution of last resort to dangerous levels of global warming.

I was saying to my wife over dinner at a restaurant on the beach in Rio that the world has gone nuts since we were younger and in college. Even back then, I was able to isolate major patterns in civilization that showed me the future was bleak but never could anticipate the extent and level of sickness we were headed into.

Gerald Celente agrees with me saying, "The world is crazy. Look at the leaders of the world, it's a freak show." There are so many points of insanity in our world it is hard to know where to begin. How many of us would ever have thought we would see in the world, right in the mainstream press the outright claim, "ISIS: Enslaving, having sex with 'unbelieving' women, girls is OK." Perhaps we should not be surprised when we realize how sexual barbarism has filled the world since time began, or at least since the onset of organized religion.

I came back to the hotel to see how this sickness of thought has spread even into mainstream science. Scientific American just published an article entitled "Fact or Fiction?: Geoengineering Can Solve Global Warming", which is so full of crap that one has to wonder what is coming next. And I quote, "The world may find itself in need of another alternative, such as geoengineering, if catastrophic climate change begins to manifest, whether in the form of even more deadly heat waves, more crop-killing droughts, more rapid rises in sea level or accelerating warming as natural stores of carbon - such as the ocean's methane hydrates - melt down, releasing yet more greenhouse gases to drive yet more climate change."

When any mainstream organization says climate change, what they are actually talking about is global warming. They try not to say that out loud anymore because though we have violent climate change happening what is not happening is the warming, we do not have rising seas, and CO2 is also a cooling gas if we look way up into the stratosphere.

Scientific American muses about "giving the planet a giant sunshade, whether in the form of more clouds or a haze of light-reflecting sulfur bits floating in the stratosphere. The various sun-blocking schemes could be fast and cheap, like a fleet of airplanes spewing sulfur particles in the stratosphere to mimic the cooling effects of volcanic eruptions or an armada of ships brightening clouds by increasing the number of water droplets within them."

"Geoengineering could play a role in coping with some of the impacts of climate change, perhaps used to cool off the rapidly warming Arctic and save Summertime Sea ice." Is science that unscientific? Anyone can do just a little research on google to see many reports from respectable organizations and objective all seeing satellites to see that massive ice formation is what is actually happening at both poles. We do not need to cool off a rapidly warming Arctic that is already cooling all on its own without any help from human beings.

"There is no technological fix for global warming. The fact that geoengineering cannot suffice is good news. No form of climate engineering can solve global warming at present. To think so is science fiction." To think there is global warming is pure fantasy at this point when rapid cooling is what is on humanity's plate.

Naturally Geoengineers' say the urgent nature of climate change means research must continue into controversial technology to combat rising temperatures. The Guardian writes, "Fighting global warming by reflecting sunlight back into space risks "terrifying" consequences including droughts and conflicts, according to three major new analyses of the promise and perils of geoengineering. But research into deliberately interfering with the climate system must continue in search of technology to use as a last resort in combating climate change, scientists have concluded."

Some of the ideas Geoengineers are coming up with to prevent global warming in a world that is actually cooling:
  • mimicking a volcano by spraying sulphate particles high into the atmosphere to block sunlight adversely affecting 2.8bn people
  • spraying salt water above the oceans to whiten low clouds and reflect sunlight adversely affecting 3bn people
  • thinning high cirrus clouds to allow more heat to escape Earth adversely affecting 2.4bn people
  • generating microbubbles on the ocean surface to whiten it and reflect more sunlight adversely affecting 2bn people
  • covering all deserts in shiny material adversely affecting 4.1bn people
  • growing shinier crops adversely affecting 1.4bn people
I saw some crazy people in Copacabana and the stupidest television show broadcast at the restaurant but who would think mainstream science has gone over the edge into pure absurdity?

Special Note: The last major ice age might have been caused by the buildup of ice sheets in Antarctica. "About 2.6 million years ago, ice sheets began covering Europe and North America. Since then, such ice sheets have regularly grown and shrunk more than 50 times, causing sea levels to rise and fall by more than 330 feet (100 meters)." Researchers found that glacier growth in Antarctica preceded the growth of major glaciers across North America. This suggests, they say, that the growth of the Antarctic ice sheet altered ocean currents worldwide, initiating glacier formation in the Northern Hemisphere.

At the end of this past summer we saw, since satellites have been put up, record ice formation in Antarctica and we saw winter arriving in the northern hemisphere at the end of summer. It is a cold climate disaster coming our way, not warming!
Mt. Sinabung

A high level eruption of Indonesian Sinabung volcano on December 14, 2014.

The volcanic ash cloud reached an altitude of approximately 6 km, and was extending 18 km to the NW. A large pyroclastic flow, approximately 4.5 km, was observed coming down the volcano yesterday. This is just the latest large volcanic eruption, one of many setting a record and further driving down world temperatures along with a sleepy sun.