© pkim.orgOne of the Polish Fireball Network's camera's captured this photograph of the meteor fireball
On the evening of Tuesday December 9th, people in southern Poland observed a meteor "of comparable brightness to the full Moon" burn up over southern Poland, according to Przemyslaw Zoladek, president of the Polish Fireball Network (PKiM).

Preliminary analysis suggests the bolide entered the atmosphere above Opava in northern Czech Republic. Observers also reported that the fireball was green in color and was visible low on the southern horizon. Observers in Lower Silesia (southwestern Poland) reported the object to be higher in the sky and looking much brighter still.

The fireball sighting was reported by observers to the Polish Fireball Network, whose own observer stations - 'PFN41 Twardogora', 'PFN38 Podgorzyn' and 'PFN40 Otwock' - also recorded the event. The fireball appears to have travelled relatively slowly. All-sky camera footage apparently shows numerous flares as the bolide entered the atmosphere - evidence of fragmentation of the space body.