A CNN team in Crimea was told to stop broadcasting on Thursday or they'd be kicked out of their hotel.

CNN International correspondent Anna Coren told Anderson Cooper her team was told by the management of the hotel they are staying in that unless they stopped broadcasting the hotel would kick them out.

"Really bizarre, just a couple of hours ago the management of our hotel where we've been staying for over a week, we've got a team here, told us we basically have to shut down our operation or we'd be kicked out. We asked for the reason, they didn't give us one. Very unusual, basically said stop broadcasting or we'll kick you out,' Coren said.

Coren told Cooper her team got the "very strong feeling" the hotel was getting pressured.

"They're getting pressured, whether it be from local milita, who obviously had the major run in with the UN official envoy Robert Serry yesterday and basically rode him out of the country, or whether it came from the new Crimean government which as we know is very much pro-Russian," Coren said.

Coren said when certain people hear they're from CNN, a U.S.-based news organization, "theres a great deal of hostility."