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First a parrot rats out its owner for a DUI and now this: Last week, a talking parrot helped police solve the mysterious murder of its owner.

On February 20, Neelam Sharma and her pet dog were found murdered in Agra, India.

Police were baffled by the case until they got an tip from Sharma's husband, Vijayy Sharma.

After the murder, Sharma noticed that whenever his nephew Ashutosh visited his home or was mentioned, Hercule the parrot changed his behavior.

"During discussions too, whenever Ashutosh's name was mentioned, the parrot would start screeching. This raised my suspicion and I informed the police," Sharma told the Times of India.

Police detained Ashutosh, who quickly confessed to murdering his aunt and her dog.

"We checked his call details and took him in custody. He accepted his crime and informed us that he was accompanied by an accomplice. They had entered the house with the intention of taking away cash and other valuables," an Agra police spokesperson told the Times.

Ashutosh said he killed his aunt after she recognized him. The dog got the axe because he wouldn't stop barking. Unfortunately for Ashutosh, he didn't see the parrot, who silently witnessed the entire crime, according to police.