Vandals have targeted one of the Bay Area's wealthiest communities and their handiwork has gotten the attention of the FBI.

Last Sunday, multi-million dollar homes in Atherton had offensive graffiti sprayed on them. The graffiti was found on walls, fences and even a car.

Many of the messages said "F*** the 1%," a reference to the income inequality between the top one percent of Americans and the rest of the population.

"It's terrible," said one neighbor who identified herself as Diane. "Yeah, it's a terrible thing to do and to be here in town."

"We go out and collect evidence and interview neighbors," said Atherton Police Lt. Joe Wade. "We look for anything we can to lead us to the person who did this."

One of the writings had a more threatening tone: "kill people."

Neighbors are on the fence about who did it: Occupy protesters, gang members or teens with time to kill."

"I don't have this generation child but I can't imagine them doing this," said homeowner Carol Burke. "I think it is someone with an ax to grind."

"As long as nobody was hurt is the main thing," said Diane. "And you can always cover it up. "

Atherton Police say it is consulting with other agencies, including the FBI, in an effort to find the vandals. The FBI monitors activist movements such as Occupy Wall Street.