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Karen Kwiatkowski
A former Pentagon official says that Americans don't have the constitutional right to privacy per se and if they want to have this right they should ensure it themselves.

"This problem with the NSA 's action in their vast collection of information and emails and phone calls from American citizens and everybody else in the world appears to be a privacy issue but in the United States it is a constitutional issue," said
Karen Kwiatkowski in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

She added that in the United States people "don't have the constitutional right to privacy per say. What we have is the right to be secure."

Kwiatkowski said that everybody in the world knows that the NSA is "a criminal organization" which has broken the American law and violated the constitution.

"We have judges that in the past couple of weeks ruled that the NSA is in violation of the constitutional rights of the Americans."

She further said that now the main question is what happens when a government agency the size and level of NSA breaks the American law.

Kwiatkowski said that "from the legislative perspective I don't think it is going to be promising" because one day one judge rules that the NSA has broken the law and a few days later another judge rules the opposite.

"If Americans want to have privacy they have to ensure it themselves. We cannot rely in America on our government to protect our privacy. Our government is in standing violation of our constitution as we speak. That's how serious it is," she said.

Audio here.