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At 43, singer Debbie Gibson looks about a decade younger. How does she maintain that rock star body? She revealed her secrets to Us Weekly on November 16.

It took numerous health problems to make Debbie decide that her unwise diet choices had to change.

"I was constantly going to the doctor," says Debbie, who once suffered from acid reflux and relied on anti-anxiety meds Prozac and Xanax. "I finally realized my food choices were affecting my health."

Debbie chose a phased diet that began with a month-long detox from sugar, alcohol and processed food. After that, she gradually added in new foods. The goal: Determining which foods caused her problems. (Learn more about elimination diets and Dr. Mehmet Oz's explanation of how they help you find hidden food allergies by clicking here.)

"You become a scientist about your own body, to find out what your tolerances are, so you don't wake up one day and go, 'Why do I feel underwater today? What did I eat?'," explains Debbie.

And it helped that the diet plan she chose was master-minded by her boyfriend.

"I did my man's BTL diet, which stands for Better Than Lipo," Debbie told PopEater.

"It taught me to be mindful of what I eat and why and focuses on limiting sugar intake while eating lots of healthy fats and protein and veggies."

Debbie was delighted by the changes in her body.

"I've worked out and danced my entire life but often all that hard work's been covered up by layers of fat. The way we eat is the most important thing for weight loss and weight maintenance," she added.

"It really gives me a lot more energy to be fit, and it's also empowering," she said to People magazine.