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People in Sweden have been suffering recently from thieves, who dress in ghost costumes, according to police reports.

Now, police in Sweden are warning tourists in Stockholm, to be on the lookout for people in ghosts costumes, who try to distract their victims and then pick their pockets.

Police said that tourists have reported that their pockets were picked while they were distracted by people wearing white sheets with white face paint.

"The thieves are always finding new methods. Often, the theft is carried out using some sort of distraction. They come onto people very strongly and aggressively, which scares people," Stockholm police spokesperson Gunnar Thun said.

"Many tourists think that Stockholm is a safe city. It is indeed a pretty safe city when it comes to violent crimes, but not when it comes to crimes against personal property. People got robbed often here," Thun said.

He warned tourists to watch out from the ghosts. "People should keep a safe distance from them," he said.