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Initial Meteor Reports

26 May 2013 - Jane Meyerhofer, Leesburg, VA. 21:00
5 seconds duration. East to west direction. Green/white color. Brighter than Venus. Broke into several pieces. Smaller than the moon but way bigger than a planet.
26 May 2013 - Alexander Eichenlaub, Bellefonte, PA 21:03
3 seconds duration. SE-NW direction. Pink/purple color along with a 'pop' sound. Same brightness as Venus. Fragmented into three pieces at the end of its trail. There were four witnesses. Not sure if the popping sound is related.
26 May 2013 - K. Perez, Edgewood, Maryland, 21:01
1-1.5 seconds duration. North, I was facing Northeast. Bright white light flashed across sky. No sound associated with event. White bright color. No fragmentation. Direction I was facing there is a clearing between trees, just happened to be looking in that direction when bright light flashed across through that space. I was able to very briefly view light through trees as it continued. It appeared to be traveling very fast.
26 May 2013 - Elena Tjaden Syracuse, NY, 9pm EST
2 or 3 seconds duration. From our view, it travelled West. Fast flying fireball, bright as fire. No fragmentation or sound.
26 May 2013 - Steve Osmanski Fayetteville, PA, 21:05 EDT
3 seconds duration. Start; East, Northeast - Stop; North, Northwest. White color, no sound. Magnitude -10 brightness. It split into at least several pieces right before burnout. Had glowing trail about 5 degrees long.