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As with the Lower 48 states, spring is late and cold here in central Alaska. Fairbanks reported a record low of 2 degrees F above zero Sunday, breaking the previous record of 8 from 1924.

Here in Anchorage, looks like we are around 3 - 4 weeks late with ice of local lakes and snow off the ground. Winter was not particularly hard, but it all changed with a very cold April. And at this point it does not appear things will be warming up soon. So much for manmade global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions.
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Yes, have a look at the image at right.

Here is a complete list of record lows for Alaska in the past 7 days, 996 new record lows were set (click low temp and details tab):,mintemp,snow,lowmax,highmin,

And the cold is now creeping into the USA, look at the difference between Denver and Kansas City:

Expect a whole new crop of record lows for the USA, and some serious issues to develop with agriculture in the nation's breadbasket as a result.

Only 5% Of Corn Crop Planted
This in contrast to last year at this time of 49% of the corn crop planted and the five year average of 31%
The Weather Channel picked the wrong year to name winter storms, the snow and cold may be their Achilles Heel (h/t to Steve Goddard):

Winter Storm Achilles: Snow and Cold Kick Off May | Weather Underground