While communities from the Midwest to the Northeast and even the southern U.S. are digging out after a massive storm blanketed much of the country, the Northeast is now bracing for more snow over the weekend.

Two storm systems will combine into one and bring light snow to the major cities in the Northeast. Most areas in the northeast will see 1-3 inches of snow with isolated amounts of 4 inches in the higher elevations Saturday morning from Philadelphia to New York and into New England.

This week's winter blast is accounting for at least 15 deaths -- most of them on the nation's roads.

"This is really bad out here. I see accidents everywhere. There are police everywhere. It's no joke," an Ohio woman told Good Morning America.

New England was hit with heavy snowfall this week. In Woodford, Vt., 21 inches of snow was recorded, while Burlington got over 13 inches, and Ashfield, Mass. saw 15 inches.

Mother Nature also came through Ohio this week, bringing whiteout conditions, and in Arkansas, power poles snapped like twigs. A pickup truck in southern Illinois struggled just to clear a path. And as the storm moved east, Pennsylvania got walloped.

The storm also wreaking havoc in the skies, causing a total of 774 flight cancellations on Thursday.

On New York's Long Island, a Southwest Airlines plane veered off the taxiway getting stuck in the mud. Officials say no one was hurt.

"We just taxied off the taxiway into the grass," the pilot said.

Just outside the snow zone , but still in nature's path, in Sea Bright, N.J. -- a town already battered by hurricane Sandy -- the streets were flooded again.

In Syracuse, N.Y., many are just trying to get back life back to normal, but much colder weather is anticipated to follow next week and into the new year for the Eastern U.S.

ABC News' Max Golembo contributed to this report.