An entry in UFO Stalker, a website that tracks UFO sightings across the world, claims a UFO passed over Roseville on May 23.

ufo over California
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(US) Hanging out with E.T. would be cool. Hanging out with the alien from Alien, not so much.

So, why are we talking about aliens? Well, on May 23, according to UFO Stalker, a website that tracks UFO sightings across the world, a UFO passed over Roseville.

According to the site, the sighting took place near the Sierra View Country Club and appeared as a large symmetrical silver/reflective oval object. It's the second sighting in the last three months, according to the site.

So, how many of you believe aliens are flying around in UFOs in our sky? How many of you think aliens flying around in UFOs in the sky is silly?

Whether it's silly or serious, this is what happened:

Information from UFO Stalker:
Clear day with no clouds in the area, wind is about 10mph from the NW and the time of the sighting was around 2:40pm in Roseville, CA. Oval silver/white object (same shape, color and size as sighting on 2/1/12 case number 35395) but this time it was traveling from a southwest direction to the northeast (more north than east). The oval object just seemed to appear out of nowhere all of a sudden in the sky (it just faded in from the background sky color). It was moving at a moderately steady speed about that as a normal commercial jet when all of a sudden it shot off at incredible speed in a perfectly straight line (as if it was fired out of a gun). The object maintained the same level altitude and direction until it was out sight. The object did not produce any contrail or sounds. Total time in my view was somewhere between 30 seconds to one minute before it was out of sight.
So, what do you think? UFO or mistaken identity?