A young woman screams uncontrollably as a priest recites a passage from the bible in a final attempt to exorcise the devil which has possessed her for 15 years.

It sounds like something from a horror movie, but this sinister scene is from a new real life documentary that highlights the extraordinary work of one of Europe's only Vatican-approved 'exorcists'.

Produced by Norwegian filmmaker Fredrik Horn Akselsen, the film entitled The Exorcist in the 21st Century follows Father José Antonio Fortea on his one man crusade to rid the world of demons

The movie is released this month and the new trailer begins with the eerie sound of monks chanting as an anonymous, hooded figure wearing a long black robe mysteriously paces across the camera.

The mysterious man is Father Fortea who meets Constanza, a Colombian woman who claims to have been possessed by demons since 1997.

She says the Spanish exorcist is her last hope for 'spiritual liberation'.

Adding: 'I know that Father Fortea is a very wise person who knows demonology and exorcism.

'I know that through Father Fortea I can be liberated completely.'

In disturbing scenes the woman is shown screaming: 'Get away from me you damned Priest' as the clergyman tries to exorcise the apparent demon within.

Father Fortea says: 'Exorcism is a fight between all the forces of light against all the forces of demons.

'The demon inside the person can call more demons to go there to help him.

'And at the same time the minister of exorcism can call the saints, call the angels.

'There is a battle with the weapons of prayer.

'There are a small number of exorcists, there are a small number of miracles. We are the proof that the kingdom of heaven has arrived.'

The trailer has already attracted huge interest on the internet, but some are casting doubt on the authenticity of the film.

Posting the video on online sharing site Digg, Meredith Woerner writes: 'Is this the real deal? You be the judge - either way the fervor on display here is pretty chilling.'

The film is director Akselsen's second documentary.

His debut film Treason and Sabotage premiered on Kosmorama International Film Festival in March 2010.

In addition to this, Akselsen is writing and directing three other projects, currently in development