It's unfortunate to see so many decent people duped into legitimizing disinformation and front organizations that exist solely to destabilize Syria and that benefit the 1% elite while destroying the lives of ordinary Syrians and Libyans. Out of all the writing on the wall, some of the most explicit is the fingerprint left by the cruel strategy being employed to overthrow sovereign regimes.

We can thank the amateurs who were put in charge of overthrowing Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. They are the 'G. Gordon Liddy' element within the contemporary black-ops community. When the coup engineers bungled the Caracas operation, they gave up the blueprint that should raise red flags for anyone thoughtfully analysing the situation in Syria (or the one in Libya).

What was supposed to happen in Venezuela wasn't too complex: foreign funding of legitimate and peaceful dissident groups, pushing those movements towards street protests and then, the psychopathology comes out as clandestine snipers take up positions and begin shooting innocent civilians to death. The media is already prepared to broadcast news of a massacre and repeat the lie that it was the Chavez government that irrationally and maniacally ordered troops to fire on a protest march that was not a threat to state stability.

Unfortunately for the evil-doers, the strength of the Bolivarian Revolution, the deep history of resistance to capitalism's obscenely violent tactics in Latin America and Rodney King style camera work revealed what really happened.

The walls are closing in on the al-Assads. Will Iran intervene to prevent this family from being bombed, tortured and lynched like Gaddafi's (allegedly) was?
Have we learned nothing from the information revolution that was kickstarted by Wikileaks, Julian Assange and -- allegedly -- Bradley Manning? What good is freedom of information if we are already so easily manipulated? This exact same tactic of rapid disinformation, rapid real-world changes in the wake of disinfo campaign, followed by months/years of the truth coming out is right now being used in Syria. It was used in Libya, too.

What is wrong with everyone? This is plain as day. Yes, there are atrocities in Syria. And that's because Syria has been invaded by Arab contras from other countries (many are coming from Libya, part of the roaming Islamic fundamentalist soldiers of fortune we're supposed to be against). These foreign infiltrators have started a war and, like any war, civilian casualties always outnumber that of combatants.

The world is not fooled: China, Russia, Africa and Latin America have all demanded an end to ALL violence in Syria, respect for the sovereignty of Syria and its existing government and peace talks so that no one has to suffer. The Syrian Government, like the Green Libyan Government, is more than ready to stop fighting TODAY under those conditions. It is only the US, UK and Israeli-backed mercenaries and coup engineers who are ensuring continued bloodshed.