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It comes as no surprise that the fake food safety bill passed here in the US in what was clearly a staged event that required the complicity of the other 99 Senators who voluntarily vacated the US Senate chamber to allow "Dirty Harry" to cast the only vote as "unanimous" is being mirrored, replicated and implemented in many other countries. Canada passed its C-36 bill shortly after "Dirty Harry" completed his task here in the US, and now it appears New Zealand food rights are on the chopping block too.

What are the chances that New Zealand Retailers Association would come up with what appears to be a line of propaganda nearly identical to the crap foisted on the American public as their rights to produce and consume foods of their choice were attacked relentlessly by Big AG and the bio-pirates along with other corporate interests who stand to profit immensely at the expense of the public? These are the same interested party's and stakeholders who rammed C-36 through Canada's parliament.

And here we see the same limp arguments coming out of New Zealand, promoted by yet another retailers association intent on convincing New Zealanders that their food supply and production, needs "modernization". Modernization with regards to food can be easily defined as centralization of food production and supply to provide market monopolies to multi-national corporations. The greatest threat to food supply chains around the world is industrialized food which provides neither safe food, nor nutritious food. Progress on the food bill:
The Food Bill provides a much needed modernisation of New Zealand's food safety legislation. It provides the framework for an efficient, effective and risk-based regulatory regime for managing the safety and suitability of food produced, processed, manufactured, traded, transported and imported to New Zealand.

Under the Food Bill, food businesses will be expected to be proactive, establishing safe procedures and systems ready for verification rather than the current system, which is based on 'one size fits all' requirements and inspections.
New Zealand is about to witness what we have here in the US; small retailers, family farms and ranches raided by agency swat teams, business and lives destroyed, property illegally destroyed or seized while Big Ag operations responsible for horrendous contamination of various sectors of food production receive only a warning letter and never miss a day in their crappy operations.

New Zealand's bill, Food bill 160-2, just as the bills in the US and Canada, are more centered on creating an oppressive regulatory system designed to drive independent and family producers, out of business and by extension, out of the markets. Again mirroring the US Fake Food Safety Bill, andCanada's C-36 Fake Food Safety Bill, arbitrary rules, regulations and stifling enforcement initiatives will be directed not at industrialized multi-national producers, but rather, towards the family independent or individual producers; meaning home gardeners, community gardeners and producers. Also seriously affected will be farmers markets, road-side vendors, church bake sales, and heritage seed banks.

New Zealand's bill fails to exempt seeds used for crops from "food regulation" leaving their definition under this new police state law open to broad interpretation. The fact that New Zealand, just as the US and Canada has attempted to include seeds in their food control program should be a clear indicator that the bill has little to do with food safety and more to do with controlling food and market access.

It appears that New Zealander may also be forced under this legislation to use genetically modified aluminum resistant seeds produced by the infamous Monsanto.

Food bill petition here.

Why did Monsanto produce an aluminium resistant seed? Because our skies and soils are ultimately being polluted with aluminium, barium (just to name two) toxins/heavy metals. If the use of chemtrails/geoengineering is allowed to continue, Kiwis will have no choice as to what type of seed they can grow. Monsanto's aluminium resistant seed will fit the bill nicely for the unaware farmer and ultimately the unaware consumer.

The comparisons between the US Fake Food Safety Bill,Canada's C-36 and now New Zealand's fake food safety bill highlight the fact that each country is using the same format, criteria and oppressive regulatory system to make any thing other than industrialized farming and ranching as performed by multi-national corporations, unacceptable. While ranting hysterically about food safety, the same people who will vote to make this abomination a law in New Zealand will simultaneously open the door to industrialized food production devastating the environment, water supplies and reducing the quality and safety of food across the board.

What was/is at stake in all three countries is the access to clean, affordable, nutritious food. What has been/will be forfeited under yet another fake food safety bill are these same things. New Zealand is about to find itself in the same condition as the US and Canadian populations; their food contaminated and unfit for consumption, infected with gmo's, herbicides and pesticides, produced in countries with whom some bogus free trade agreement has been struck that reduces production standards to the lowest possible level in order to increase profits.

The truly sad part of this is that New Zealand will find out, just as the US and Canadian people did, that no matter how massive their protests, no matter how hard they fight this assault on their right to produce their own food, their government will pass this bill.

This is about corporate takeover of food production and supplies and the ensuing markets. This is not about food safety and never was.