Ausama Monajed
As we have reported previously, the London-based "Syrian Human Rights Observatory" is the single source for all Western press accounts - including those of UN Human Rights Commission head Navi Pillay and Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - of the numbers of Syrians supposedly killed by Assad every day. The "Syrian Observatory Committee for Human Rights" in turn gets these numbers from the London-based "Strategic Resource and Communications Center," headed by Syrian-born Ausama Monajed.

Who is Monajed? His background makes it clear that not only are these death-counts completely unverified, and not only do they come from the opposition itself, as columnist Phil Giraldi has noted, but that they probably originate from British Intelligence.

As was the case with the Libyan terrorists, LIFG, operating from Britain against the Qaddafi regime, Britain controls the Syrian, Ausama Monajed, head of the London-based Strategic Resource and Communications Center. Monajed, who provides the information to the western media about the "mayhem" committed by the Bashar al-Assad regime, wears many hats and is well-protected by British intelligence. He is a founder-member of the Syrian National Council, the group that is urging the Arab League to remove al-Assad, and Monajed is also a member of the London-based Syrian Observatory Committee for Human Rights.

Monajed, according to one report, works with other people based in France, Lebanon, and Qatar. It is evident that Qatar, which has become a cat's paw for Riyadh and London, and has now just adopted Wahhabism as its national religion, is a major source of financing for Monajed's operations.

Monajed is also trotted around in international forums. He was invited to the British intelligence-run Chatham House to speak in a panel on Envisioning Syria's Future. He is a darling of the U.S.-based Project Democracy, and has spoken at USIP (U.S. Institute of Peace, a Washington quango) seminars on Syria.

An economist by training, Monajed worked for the United Nations Development Programme and then the European Commission on development programs inside Syria. He quit the Syrian government job in 2005 and moved to Britain that year to be under the umbrella of MI6 and Tony Blair in working against al-Assad.