© Nahum Mendez Chazarra, Rojales, Spain
A Perseid through the sky.
We made a wish that our readers would send in their images of the Perseid Meteor Shower, and it came true! Despite a full Moon and clouds scattered around the world, we heard from many of you that you saw - and successfully imaged - the 2011 Perseids. Many of you took advantage of Universe Today's new Flickr group, an easy way to have readers share their astrophotos with us. Above is a colorful image of a Perseid streaking through the sky by Nahum Mendez Chazarra, in Rojales, Spain.

Below, see an image take from up above the world so high: astronaut Ron Garan on board the International Space Station captured his view looking down at a Perseid streaking through sky!

© Ron Garan
'What a shooting star looks like from space," wrote ISS astronaut Ron Garan on Twitter.

© Andrei Juravle, Timisoara, Romania
Faint meteor.
This is another Flickr submission, from Andrei Juravle, Timisoara, Romania. Click to see this image and more from Andrei.

Paul Miller from San Diego, California took the following two very nice images from Mt. Laguna:

© Paul MIller, San Diego, California
Bright Perseid.
© Paul MIller, San Diego, California
A Perseid meteor and much more!
© Jason Major
A Perseid meteor is caught on camera by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope's mounted low-light Cloudcam before dawn on the morning of August 12, 2011. Still frame cropped and edited by J. Major
Here's one from our own Jason Major - kind of! He found the Perseid streaking through the sky on footage from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope's mounted low-light Cloudcam, and created this image.

© Leonard Ellul Mercer, Malta, EU
First meteor!
How's this for beginniner luck?! "Last night I captured my first ever Perseid image with Andromeda on its upper left," said Leonard Ellul Mercer from Malta. "This is the first time I tried imaging meteors. Was just lucky even though there was a bright full moon overhead."

Keep imaging, Leonard - nice shot!

© Michaela Knott
Meteor, or something else?
"I took this on August 12, 2011 I'm not sure what it is," wrote in Michaela Knott, "but I know it's not a plane (which is what most of what shows up in my time lapse ends up being). This year I think I only saw 2 dozen or so meteors over two nights I went out looking."

Shot with a Nikon D60, 28mm lens f2.8 10 sec exposure at the Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown RI, USA. "It was taken @ 9:42 EST, still pretty early in the evening," Michaela said.

© David Parmet
Timelapse, Perseids and stars on August 12, 2011.