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Two recent MUFON cases detail witness reports of cigar-shaped UFOs in Missouri skies.
Two Missouri witnesses from different cases report watching a cigar-shaped object moving overhead, according to July 25, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

A mother and son watched a cigar-shaped object from their swimming pool on July 25, 2011, as reported in MUFON Case # 30342.

"She saw a white capsule shaped (cigar-shaped) object in the southeastern sky and noted that there were no wings and it traversed the sky in a steady pace until it passed beyond our house out of view," the woman's husband wrote in the MUFON report. "There was no noise as it flew. A few minutes later she heard jet(s) flying but could not determine where they were at."

The woman's husband came outside 15 minutes later and saw an object moving overhead without wings. Then 15 minutes later, he noticed the "white capsule-shaped" object and a boomerang-shaped object below it.

"I saw the white capsule object again but, directly below it, there appeared to be a separate black boomerang shaped craft (almost reminiscent of a flying wing in shape). We lost track of the white object as we focused all of our attention on the black wing. It headed north and was making a quick turn to the left and then almost made a figure eight type movement until it was beyond our view. It appeared to be traveling at high speeds (much faster than the white capsule)."

Three days earlier, on July 22, 2011, a witness reported a cigar-shaped object while camping at Bennett Springs, MO, in MUFON Case # 30343.

The reporting witness states that multiple objects were observed nightly. Large, bright light objects rose each evening from a nearby hillside.

"I mentioned to my son that it was strange we never saw any air traffic during the daylight hours," the witness stated."At which time we both looked up and he spotted a large white cylinder approximately 1,000 feet above our truck. No wings on the cylinder. We watched for a few seconds and after a while it released a puff of white smoke or haze and disappeared. No sound accompanied the sightings ."