Jan Mohammad Khan
Jan Mohammad Khan, pictured in 2002, was killed in an attack on Sunday night at his home near the parliament in Kabul
A senior advisor to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and a member of parliament have been killed in an attack in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul.

Jan Mohammad Khan, the former governor of southern province of Uruzgan was murdered in his home in the western Kabul district of Karti Char on Sunday night after at least two gunmen wearing explosives attacked his place.

Mohammad Hashem Watanwal, a member of parliament, was also killed while he was visiting Khan, AFP quoted police sources as saying.

Several security guards were killed in the incident and one of the attackers died after his explosives detonated, according to police officials and local Afghan television.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the assault.

"We've been following Jan Mohammed for a long time to carry out such an attack," said Zabiullah Mujahed, the spokesman for the militant group.

Khan escaped an assassination attempt on August 4, 2010 when a motorcycle bomb exploded near his convoy in the southern province.

The murdered governor was from a powerful family from the Popalzai tribe in southern Afghanistan and was the president's top advisor for tribal issues.

Sunday attack took place less than a week after the president's half-brother Ahmed Wali Karzai was killed by his bodyguard at his home in the southern province of Kandahar.