A father who took his daughter to a baseball game in Los Angeles made an off play when he dropped his daughter while trying to catch a foul ball - and missed.

The dad was cheering in the stands as the Florida Marlins played at Dodgers Stadium on Saturday, when he was caught on camera making the embarrassing play.

The girl was not injured.

A video posted on YouTube by user TubeTweets yesterday showed the playback in real time and slow motion, inciting shock among some viewers.

The clip clearly shows a crowd cheering, and a man holding his little girl underneath her arms as she stands on a stadium banister.

Caught in the moment with a foul ball flying in their direction, the dad lifts his arms in the air, causing the girl to fall backwards onto the floor behind her while her dad tries and fails to make a lucky catch.

The girl was not hurt but she was clearly unhappy, elbowing her dad in the chest as he turned around to pick her up.

In less than 24 hours, the video has already gained over1,000 hits, with some viewers taking aim at the shamed dad.

One user said: 'Not only was the attempt "FAILED", but so is the dad. Well at least we know who the dad preferred. The guy should be ashamed.'

The uploader replied: 'Agreed! I couldn't help but share this video. At first I tried to give him the benefit of doubt, thinking..."maybe he was trying to avoid her getting hit".

'But then I saw his disappointed reaction at not catching the ball instead of checking on his daughter! Look at him! Darned shame...'

It turned out to be an all-around bad night for the dad, a Dodgers fan who donned the team's trademark blue and white.

The Dodgers lost to the Marlins 6-1, bringing their win-loss record to 23-30 this season.