Jonathan Agee will be charged with murder after he shot his ex-wife Jennifer Agee.

An off-duty county sheriff's deputy killed his ex-wife and shot a state trooper before he was wounded during a bloody Memorial Day rampage in Roanoke, Virginia.

The chaos began when Jonathan Agee shot his former wife Jennifer at a Sheetz convenience store parking lot, WSLS 10 reported.

After he drove away from the scene, police issued an alert with information about his vehicle and an advisory to be on the lookout for him. Shortly thereafter, Sgt. Matt Brannock spotted a car fitting the description and followed it, a police spokesman said.

As Brannock pulled up beside Agee on the highway exit ramp, Agee began firing at the officer, hitting him and causing him to take cover.

Agee continued driving and exchanged fire with two more state troopers before he was shot, police said. The troopers were not injured.

Both Agee and Brannock were airlifted to a local hospital, where Agee's injuries are being treated as life threatening, according to CNN. Brannock, a 35-year-old Air Force Veteran, is expected to recover.

"The focus of investigators right now is piecing together the exact sequence of events leading up to both shootings," said Col. W. Steven Flaherty, Virginia State Police superintendent. "This is a difficult day, needless to say, for Virginia's law enforcement community."

Jennifer Agee was taken to the same hospital where she later died, police said.

If he does survive his injuries, Jonathan Agee will face murder chargers. He has already been suspended from the Franklin County Sheriff's office without pay, WSLS-TV reported.

It was not clear what made the 32-year-old deputy snap.