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Americans are losing their homes in record numbers all over the country. Many of these foreclosures could be fraudulent or illegal. If a lender wants to foreclose on a property, it has to be able to show that it is, in fact, the appropriate person or entity to whom the money is owed.

The right to foreclosure belongs only to the person who has legitimate possession of the original note. Not a copy, not an electronic entry, but the original note itself with the original signature of the person(s) who allegedly owes the money along with the appropriate raised notary seal and signature. If a person is faced with foreclosure, they have every right to demand that the person or entity trying to take their property prove the legal right to do so by producing the original promissory note.

Your original Mortgage Promissory note may no longer exist. Many of these banks and mortgage lenders did not keep their mortgage notes, but instead sold them through "fractionalized" mortgage-backed securities to investors. This means the note was devided into hundreds of pieces, repackeged, and then sold to hundreds of investors. Now no one person or entity owns the note. No one person or entity can legally foreclose on the property.

Are you or someone you know facing foresclosure? There is a danger that exists if the foreclosure is allowed to go through without proof of the original note. There is the risk that sometime in the future the holder of the original note, if the note still exists, could demand payment from a homeowner who has already been foreclosed on and lost their home. This is why homeowners need to start fighting back when someone is trying to foreclose on their home. Especially since an overwhelming percentage of mortgages granted over the last ten years have been packaged into securities and re-sold numerous times since their creation.

The banks and mortgage companies have not kept the original notes. In a recent Sixty Minutes news investigation it was shown that some banks and mortgage companies were creating forged documents because they had not taken proper care of original mortgage documents.

The good news is that there are proven methods and strategies that can show You exactly how to take control of your foreclosure situation and keep your home. Using legal methods that most homeowners don't know about foreclosures can be stopped and home owners can own their homes free and clear. Why would anyone who owns a home not do everything in their power to protect and defend their home.

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