A Ukrainian weather forecaster has created a storm of her own by taking a swipe at Ukraine's leadership during a live radio broadcast.

Lyudmila Savchenko, head of the forecasting section of Ukraine's meteorological service who has become a well-known voice on national radio with her daily weather reports, put her own spin on why the country was enjoying a spell of blissful weather.

"One cannot remain indifferent to this beauty which shows in the tender scent of lilac and lily of the valley and the melodious trilling of the birds," she said lyrically on Ukraine national radio.

She went on: "At times it seems that such miraculous days are a gift from nature to compensate us for the chaos, lawlessness and injustice which reigns in our country."

"It is simply incomprehensible that anyone can dislike this paradise on earth, this country, the Ukrainian people so much that they treat it so badly," she said.

Ukrainska Pravda online newspaper quoting a national radio source said that following Savchenko's remarks a decision had been taken to end live broadcasts from the weather center.

There was no immediate word on whether any action would be taken against Savchenko. Parliamentary speaker Volodymyr Litvyn said parliament would support an opposition move to ask national radio not to sack her.