Two tornadoes swept through the town of Lenox, Iowa on Wednesday. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. Though one little boy got the scare of a lifetime. He managed to ride the storm out inside a dryer!

Jessica miller says her 11-year-old son Austin was home alone when the storm came rolling in. She called him from work. She says, "I said get in the laundry room. There is not a basement and I said just get in the laundry room and he said 'why mommy?' and I said, "just get in laundry room" and then the sirens went off."

As Jessica desperately tried to get home, two tornadoes whipped up debris you now see on the streets into a blinding mess. She says, "We saw all this stuff it was just a big gray swishing crap in the air."

She was stuck, unable to go any further. She says, "He said, 'Mommy there's glass breaking, it's loud crackling, it's loud and I think the house is going.' And I was like, 'Austin!' I mean I was like two blocks away I could not get here. It was like the worst feeling I can't even explain."

While she was on the phone with Austin the wind tore the roof away, rain pounded inside and debris flying through the air. The 11 year old took shelter in the only place he could. She says, "He was just like, 'Mommy I'm so scared I'm so scared' and he ended up getting in the dryer."

Austin had folded himself up into this standard sized dryer. She says her son is, "Smart, super smart."

A short time later Jessica ran through the front door yelling Austin's name. She said he popped out of the laundry room uninjured. Amazing given the damage to the house and the debris lying inside. She says, "I don't even like to think about it."

What she focuses on now is the clean up and the story she has to tell about her very inventive little boy. She says, "I think he's a very smart boy."