© CDC"the tick made me do it"
A Connecticut woman, who was a guest at the Waldorf-Astoria, was taken to a New York area psychiatric hospital Saturday after doing some very unusual things in the hotel's lobby.

46-year-old Marilyn Michose reportedly was roaming the lobby wearing neon pink panties outside of her pants and a .25 caliber Beretta sticking out of her jacket.

She wandered the lobby dressed like that, and according to a hotel employee, speaking gobbledygook" when security chased her down.

As cops arrived, Michose told them she had a gun and was looking to store her precious jewelry in the hotel safe. After surrendering her weapon, police discovered the jewelry was nothing but the cheap costume variety.

Her 87-year-old mother, Joy, had an explanation for the erratic behavior- Lyme disease. Or at least the medication she takes for the bacterial infection which apparently make her manic.

Michose is currently not working and on disability. She was charged with fourth degree possession of a weapon.