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This has nothing to do with security, crimes or anything else of that nature. It is a snitch set up. This is community training. This is conditioning to get people comfortable with the idea of reporting on their neighbors; a concept repugnant to most free societies, but one very common to police states.

Homeland Security, that bastion of police state warriors has set up housekeeping in the once great state of Oklahoma. Their new website "Red Dirt Ready" would be more aptly titled "Sniffin' Dirt". The site, all plumped up with militant looking people, some who are, I suppose, supposed to represent first responders and medical personnel, encourages Oklahoman's to be ready for an emergency! Why! You can even win yourself an emergency survival kit! Oh! And you can snitch on your neighbors too!

In the upper right hand corner of the header is a "Report Activity" button. I just had to check it out. I quickly deduced that native Oklahomans must be somewhat dimwitted or at least Homeland Security and the FBI think they are.

The page is brief:
Red Dirt Ready

If you perceive an immediate threat to yourself or to public safety, please dial 911 immediately

To report suspicious activity, please contact your local police department or FBI at (405) 290-7770 in Oklahoma City and (918) 664-3300 in Tulsa.

For more information, please read the following:

How to Identify Suspicious Activity

What to Do if You Spot Suspicious Activity

Examples of Suspicious Activity

Information provided in part by
Of course I couldn't stop here. I just had to see how to identify suspicious activity. I had to because, well....we are all felons in the police state and lord knows I wouldn't want to get on one of those watch lists with those 3 million or so other people who dared to speak out and who are now targeted as a "suspected domestic terrorist" by 17 or so intelligence agencies who spend their time conducting costly and unnecessary surveillance on American citizens who refuse to tow the "party" line. Right comrade?

From the page:
Identifying Suspicious Activity

Identifying suspicious activity is not a difficult science. Rely on your judgment. Your suspicion of a threat could be confirmed with only one incident or it could take a series of incidents. Your suspicions will need to be based on: Experience, Judgment and Common Sense.
Obviously the people of Oklahoma have been deemed not to have any of these qualities
To assist in recognizing and reporting suspicious activity, consider the following guidelines to help make an informed decision.
Under this subtitle was the usual know your neighbor stuff, and report crimes if you see them occurring. What got my attention was this little ditty:
* Controversial issues being debated.
Now what could that mean? Why would the discussion of controversial issues be viewed as a threat by Homeland Security and the FBI and your local police department? I believe it means if you hear anyone discussing non-government approved topics that include non-government approved ideas, information or comments that are not approved in an ideal police need to report that; or you need to be reported.

Oh case of a flood, fire or other disaster, give them a buzz. They'll see if they can help.

Since our police departments have been militarized and are now all under control of Homeland Security, and since their purpose is no longer to protect and serve but rather, to assault and attack whenever the opportunity arises, this could present a clear and present danger to the public at large. I think we should all report them, after all, this is very suspicious activity if you ask me.

I would expand on Oklahoma's new "Dirt Sniffin'" site. But you get the drift. This has nothing to do with security, crimes or anything else of that nature. It is a snitch set up. This is community training. This is conditioning to get people comfortable with the idea of reporting on their neighbors; a concept repugnant to most free societies, but one very common to police states.

I have no doubt these sites will appear in each and every state especially in consideration of the new kazillion square foot spy center they are building in Utah. Believe it or not, some people actually think that center is going to be used to track terrorists from "over there". It is: over there in Arizona, over there in Texas, over there in Nevada, up there in Missouri, out there in Maine.....any place American citizens reside in the geographical United States. What most people fail to grasp is, our government is in fear of us; it is the people of the US that our own government views as a threat.

As the noose on the police state tightens, we will see more snitch and report opportunities. No doubt, staged "events" will occur to cement in the public's mind that only YOU can prevent another terrorist attack. Just pick up that phone and drop that dime! Mad at your neighbor? Hey! Just make up some story and call Homeland Security. That'll show'em.

As a young girl, it never once occurred to me that I would ever see the day in this country when our own government would actively recruit neighborhood snitches to report on their neighbors or friends or even family members. I honestly believe there are few among us who would not report a crime, or who would not come forward if we actually did hear something that needed to be reported to the authorities. As a middle-aged woman, one who has watched in disbelief as everything we thought we represented is taken from us, I have no illusions. We are being led into the police state where even our thoughts or conversations can get us killed or imprisoned for life.

Personally, I think we should start constructing citizen surveillance centers where we can report the suspicious activity of government agents and agencies. After all, if we are the enemy, and by all standards it appears we are, we need to know who these people are and who they work for as well as what they are doing.

We are under attack. It isn't someone from "over there; it isn't some nameless, unidentifiable, untraceable and undefined enemy. We see these people on the news, in the papers and hear them on the radio. We elected many of them and saw many others simply appointed to some position they were most likely not qualified to hold. These people are the faces and voices of the police state; have they now become our enemy?