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I have to wonder were these suspicious packages an inside job by factions inside the government to justify more control over the American People? We have to ask the question. Who stands to gain from these incidents? Sept 11,2001 gave us the Patriot act, Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration. The Underwear Bomber on Christmas day a little over a year ago on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit gave us full body scanners.

Homeland security recently ordered all international shipments over a certain weight to have a Social Security Number on the package. Weeks before there was a possible threat I believe was exaggerated was the ink in printer cartridges might be a bomb. We heard our Coleman thermoses might be a weapon of mass destruction even though there was no credible threat to substantiate it. They put out the alert this Christmas even though there were no credible threats.

Wal Mart has teamed up with Homeland Security using giant TV screens in stores nationwide telling the people shopping for Christmas to spy on there neighbors with "if you see something say something" talking points. This is right after the TSA abuses at airports, that have had the nation in an uproar ready to revolt.

Now just recently we had an incendiary device go off in a DC post office addressed to Homeland Security. A couple of days prior to that there were two packages detonated outside of a Maryland government office. There were only minor injuries and no deaths. Why all this?

I see now the more the Department of Homeland Security talks and announces that what the TSA did in our nations airports.The TSA and DHS want to go out on the streets of American going into bus stations, interstates, sports stadiums, shopping malls and maybe your county fair. They are up to something and have something up their sleeve to justify this action.

The Obama Administration and Homeland Security are experiencing a public relations nightmare because their response to the will of the people. Homeland Security will not secure our southern border with Mexico or enforce our immigration laws inside the state borders. They shake down innocent travelers being groped at airports. They issued publications like out of Missouri that were distributed to all Law enforcement people warning them that Gun owners, Patriots, returning veterans and other activists are potential terrorists. Nothing mentioning drug cartels. MECHA, La Raza and LILAC who are funded by the Ford foundation as enemies of the State. The people of this country see the obvious signs that these groups are working against this country. They are not mentioned in these reports.

The Obama Administration is trying hard to quell free speech over the internet because the mainstream media is no longer credible. Every time Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano opens her mouth, she makes it more clear that is there is no reason for the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration to exist anymore. They are doing more harm than good, violating our liberties for security.

These packages going off. Now say the US Government is trying to justify to the American people that we need them. They are trying hard to find a reason to bring in a total control over the people. These packages detonating in government offices. We have to ask the question: who stands to gain from this? It's not the people, I can tell you that. It will be the US government which stands to gain from these incidents. They will use this as an excuse to use more draconian controls over us and to demonize a group of people. I do not believe it is working like it used to because false-flag terrorism and staged events by the government have been blown wide open and exposed to the people as a tactic used to advance an agenda.

In the next few years, we might see a move in Congress to abolish the TSA and the DHS. In 1993 in the Branch Davidian siege in Waco, Texas, just before the raid on Mount Carmel, there was rumor that the ATF was about to be abolished or have its funding severely cut by Congress.The agency needed an incident to justify its existence and budget. Waco was the means they needed to get more funding and to stay alive as an agency.

If there is a move by Congress to cut funding towards abolishing Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, we'll see staged incidents start to happen to justify their existence and "why-we-need-them" propaganda. Many major international airports might be opting out, using TSA to do security and go with private contractors instead. We can see many events happening where TSA are the heroes of the day stopping an explosive device from getting on a plane as a PR stunt to try to keep the TSA in place at airports. There will be many staged events in an effort trying to scare the American people thinking we need Homeland security and the TSA. Don't be fooled!

These packages going off at Government Buildings are nothing more than trying to find ways to clamp down on dissent in the United States and to justify control over the people to be watched at all times. We must not let any of this scare us and see it for what it is. It is just an act of desperation to maintain control and take away our liberties.