Illustration of boomerang ufo
UFO Seen on the side of Route 66 Between Manassas and Gainesville Virginia.

I had a Sighting on October 16 2010 in Northern Virginia around 6:30pm.

I was driving with my wife West on RT 66, after Manassas and before the Gainesville, Virginia exit, I saw on the other side of the East bound lanes a large dark object with multiple bright lights that seemed to form the shape of a V or an elongated Triangle. The object was black and had several (8-12) bright white lights on the bottom.

The object was hovering, didn't make any sound and was only 200-300 feet in the air. As I passed the object I slowed down and tried desperately to observe every little detail possible. One interesting fact is where the object was hovering.

The object was hovering over a local farm and was hovering above what looked to be horses. This was the only area/field that seemed to have any farm animals (horses) in them.

I would estimate the size of the object to be about the size of two large jumbo jets or possibly even larger. I suspect there are multiple witnesses since this sighting occurred around 6:30pm in an area where the traffic was moderately heavy. I do want to point out that I'm a lifelong Amateur Astronomer that is very familiar with the Day and Nighttime sky. And as any good investigator should do I have searched for other possibilities of what this object might have been.

The only thing I do know for sure is this object was definitely not a Helicopter or any other type of Conventional aircraft. If there are any others who were driving in this area of Gainesville, Haymarket, Manassas or Fairfax Virginia and also saw this sighting, please post what you saw.